Whether you're looking for creative & strategic feedback or coaching so you can tackle the work yourself, I'd like to help you reach your marketing goals.

It's not enough to come up with good ideas.

I nerd out on helping people zero in on where they're trying to go, and then implementing the clarity, vision and systems to get them there.

With a degree in Communications and a diverse career in marketing both offline and online, I've got many creative solutions to draw from and an ability to bring a fresh perspective to your ideas. 


Not sure exactly what your goals are? 


I can help you there too. Let's book goal-setting + strategy sessions that will transform vague ideals into broken-down action steps.  This is ideally done once per quarter, but any time is better than not done at all.


  • Marketing Plans​​

  • WIX Websites

  • Email Lists | Mailchimp 

  • Content Marketing

  • Blogging & Editorial Content

  • Social Media Strategy 

  • Define SMART goals

  • Break down by business area

  • Schedule and execution plan  

Val Lonergan is a content creator & digital marketer specializing in online marketing and strategy for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

No stranger to the dizzying world of online marketing tools, she reduces overwhelm, cuts through the noise, and helps bring your business ideas to life.


With a degree in communications and a background in entertainment, her career first involved hundreds of launch campaigns -- from tiny grassroots films to huge blockbuster movies -- using a vast array of creative strategies.


Storytelling and capturing a growing audience’s attention have remained a constant no matter the business environment. Today, working alongside a successful Youtuber and helping entrepreneurs with their online presence, these same goals are brought into the digital age.



Val has great ideas and simple solutions. She’s energetic and positive, and really thinks outside the box. She manages to find solutions to problems you thought were insurmountable. I was overwhelmed with large projects and the daily tasks of running our business. Val helped to get it all down and create a plan of attack that showed me that it was all possible.

- R. Sinclair-Smith


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