Hey! What's up? It's me Val, Director of Awesomeness

Content Creator
Digital Marketer
Wix Partner
+ Small Biz Online Strategy Maker

Marketing is super vast, so here's a quick taste of what I do best:

  • Create Online Presence: I help women - often busy, smart, accomplished Moms who are just beginning their 2nd Act - bring to life the vision for their online business that may have been locked inside their heads and hearts for a long time, and build cool websites for them.

  • Branding & Marketing Strategy

  • Storytelling & Content Marketing

A few areas that aren't in my sweet-spot:

  • Buying/Creating display ads

  • Designing Logos

  • Ongoing webmaster services

{Start Here!}

If you're a coach, consultant, entrepreneur/solopreneur or creative visionary looking to build your online presence, please use the form below to reach out!  If it's a good fit we'll set a time to talk on the phone, and walk through the project steps together. 

"Very energetic and positive,
Val has great ideas and
simple solutions."
"Val is a storyteller.  She has a talent with words.  She took my ideas and wove them into a cohesive and compelling story."
"She makes every effort to
make your project the
truest reflection of yourself."
"I had my doubts about being able to learn how to build a website, but Val proved me wrong! She showed me so many shortcuts."

Design, Strategize, Uplift, Learn, Repeat

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