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Hey, I'm Val!

Online Marketing & Personal Branding Coach, Writer, WiX Design Partner, Mama

If you're a purpose-filled female coach, consultant, entrepreneur-solopreneur or creative visionary looking to flesh out your dream business and build your online presence, you're in the right place!


This site is designed to give you tools and insights to help you on your journey as you craft your vision and establish your business online.

About Me

My work goes beyond the traditional boundaries of a digital media consultant or business coach. I help women -- usually poised to start their second act – make their projects and businesses the truest expression of themselves.


As an entrepreneurship catalyst, my mission is all about empowering and guiding. 

I’m a massive champion of women pursuing their dreams. At the beginning, some need more help developing their authentic-to-them business idea, along with branding, a marketing plan, designing and launching a website. Once established, some struggle in the day-to-day of their business: perhaps looking for ways to streamline or cut out services they no longer enjoy offering, needing more efficient ways to conduct business, wanting to create more digital products, or looking to expand their reach.

I've designed specific services for different stages of the journey available on this website, where I also blog to share insights at the intersection of entrepreneurship, personal fulfillment, motherhood, and productivity. I've recently started a tiny digital shop featuring downloadable tools that I personally use in my work, with many more to come. 

My approach is unconventional and unique in that it can involve soul searching, offering clarity to creative multipassionates, aiding to discover a business's true purpose and impact, and/or helping my beginner clients navigate the journey from confusion to clarity using clear sequential steps (this part lends itself nicely to a self-serve online course format, which will be available soon). I encourage discussion about the important questions: What are we building? Who does it serve? How does it make a positive impact on the world? Does it reflect the very best of who you are?

Currently, I’m in the beginning stages of building a Speaker Series of impactful and inspiring women, while assembling a hub for women to network, inspire each other, and achieve new goals together.


At the end of the day, I'm a firm believer in the pursuit of dreams. I’m a cheerleader/strategist, hype woman/idea developer and – my favorite thing to have been called – a co-conspirator of joy. The people who connect with my energy know it right away. If you are one of them, please reach out, don't waste another minute!

A Few Highlights of An Unconventional Journey

  • Former movie business exec, turned blogger and digital marketing consultant

  • Along the way, I got married and we grew our family to two kids and three dogs

  • We live in a quaint 100-year old house that's always asking for new projects, which is where you'll find me on weekends!

  • Became an avid reader of nonfiction around 2017, and am enrolled in some form of online learning almost year-round developing key skills

  • For a number of years, I worked hands-on with small businesses, helping solve their unique marketing and productivity challenges

  • I helped an influential Youtuber massively grow his channel's views (10M+), subscribers (300k+), email list (25k+), and secure corporate sponsorships

  • I worked on the launch team of what was, for a time, the largest movie franchise in the world. It involved certain famous sparkly vampires... and it forever changed the industry's understanding of female fandom & buying power (revolutionary)

  • Discovered I had a sweet spot for the particular challenges and triumphs of working with aspiring female entrepreneurs around 2018

  • Shifted my work to focus fully on meeting the needs of the new wave of online female entrepreneurs (also called solopreneurs when they work by themselves)

  • I'm obsessed with developing tools and systems to assist you, highly ambitious and wildly capable mom, on your journey to entrepreneurship 

Wait, what'd she say?

CanvasRebel Magazine Interview

Get to know Val's beginnings, her approach to working with women, cheat codes for a good life, and a lesson she needed to un-learn!


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