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WiX Website Design Help

For current WiX site owners looking for quick hands-on design help!

  • 2 hr
  • 250 Canadian dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

So, you've got a WiX site up and running, but it's not looking the way you want? Perhaps it's just not WOWING visitors, or it doesn't feel like YOU at all. In this hands-on session, we first assess exactly what your design needs are, then I come onto your site as a guest editor and fix the design features you want to change, in real-time, with our screens shared over Zoom. Now, this isn't a total site redesign of course - we only have so much time - but here's the concept: if you've been struggling with mastering the design tools to get your pages to look just the way you want, or are tired of being stuck in a perpetual learning curve, I can help you! Think of it like having a Marketing Fairy Godmother who happens to know WiX really well, who comes in and, using a little magic (aka resourcefulness, ingenuity, creative outside-the-box thinking), can make things just... better. Examples of what we can do in one session: - Come up with a new and improved home page (one that actually does what you want it to do!) - Ensure your personal brand is coming through loud and clear - Fix design mistakes, inconsistencies, and other blunders of reasonable proportions - Make the site "look and feel more like you" (you're not alone -- being objective about ourselves is terribly difficult to do) - Add a new design feature that you are not sure how to implement You are: - A solopreneur/mompreneur/business owner who wants juuust the right look but just doesn't have the time (or frankly the interest) to play around with design tools till you're blue in the face - and you've been looking for a shortcut - Creatively stuck as to what to do to improve your site and/or make it more appealing to your market - Someone who wants to add a new page or design feature and has been procrastinating for far too long, needing to just get it done already Important Note: This session is limited to smaller, design-related improvements. It is NOT sufficient time to implement a WiX Business Solution to your site (WiX Store, WiX Bookings, Paid Membership, WiX Blog, WiX Forum, WiX Events, etc). These integrations are more complex and require forethought, strategy, not to mention time to implement. If you are interested in this, please shoot me a message on the contact page; I may be able to help you on an hourly basis. Not sure exactly what you need design-wise (but definitely *something*)? That's OK. Book a session and we can unblock ideas together. That's kinda my jam.

Cancellation Policy

You can reschedule your own booking in the Member's area up to 48 hours in advance. To cancel your booking, please contact us a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Thank you

Contact Details

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