Val Lonergan specializes in online marketing strategy for solopreneurs and women in business.

No stranger to the dizzying world of online marketing tools, her sweet spot is guiding entrepreneurs who are starting out in online business or looking to elevate their presence.


She efficiently reduces the overwhelm of options by cutting through the noise. Working together, you will learn how to choose the correct online tech tools to achieve your vision, develop your unique personal brand, and flesh out an ongoing marketing strategy to help bring your business idea to life.


With a degree in communications and a background in entertainment, her earlier career involved project development and hundreds of launch campaigns -- from tiny grassroots films to huge blockbuster movies -- using a vast array of creative strategies.


Several senior roles later (including working alongside a successful Youtuber), 2 factors have remained a constant no matter the business environment: storytelling and capturing a growing audience’s attention. Today, these same goals are brought into the digital age.



Grab a bowl, and collect main ingredients


My background is in Entertainment, where I worked in the film business for 12+ years. As Director of Development, I oversaw the creative evolution of new film properties - from initial financing rounds to packaging them for production. Later, as Marketing Director, I looked after the campaigns for the release of hundreds of films into theatres, ranging from the tiny (arthouse films with no budget / all-grassroots / word-of-mouth campaigns) to the huge (major Hollywood movies with big advertising budgets and even bigger box office sales targets). I also had the privilege of working on an Oscar-nominated film campaign as well as a cultural phenomenon blockbuster series that changed the landscape of how films were made forever.  Spoiler alert: it's about vampires ;)


Mix all ingredients thoroughly


After motherhood, I traded in office life for a perpetual bring-your-dog-to-work home office and joined the family business, which manufactured & sold its own popular brand of cleaning products online and at retail. During this time I learned how to efficiently work remotely among a team of freelance workers without borders. I jumped into a fully online environment and rose above any fears I had about digital business or marketing tools that were once foreign. I taught myself to use dozens of them - from website-building platforms to social media scheduling tools, infographic design or video editing software, selling on Amazon plus lots more in between!


Pour into a pan and bake at 350º


I later joined forces with a Youtube content creator whose subscriber base grew from 30k to 300k during our time together. This gave me a unique vantage point into exactly what it takes to run a successful Youtube channel with 30 million views, and got me into the ring of influencer marketing dynamics, ghostwriting content, Mailchimp email marketing, enormous Wordpress websites, and sponsorship deals.


Now you’ve got a cake


The past few years have been a deep-dive into the world of online entrepreneurialism - blogging and website building to be specific. While writing was the backbone of all the other experiences, blogging is where it's at for me personally. I blog about personal development, happiness, growth mindset and lifelong learning at zenshmen.com.


Add the icing


Along the way, people started to take an interest in the multi-disciplinary experiences I've had - corporate, online marketing, retail sales, creative entrepreneur - and soon they were asking to hire me for advice on their businesses.  But then something really interesting happened.

Over time I noticed that many women - mothers in particular, who long to reinvent themselves after transitioning between highly accomplished, demanding careers and motherhood - have solid business ideas they've aimed to pursue for a long time, but are deterred by a belief that pursuing their goals will be too expensive, too time-consuming or that they simply don't know enough (they're not "techy").

I listened as many women described feeling stalled by several factors: the sheer overwhelm of options of which tools to use, the learning curve of how to use them, aversion to 'starting from zero', lack of confidence, and juggling daily family life (and potentially other work) at the same time.

What if it was so much simpler?, I thought. What if we could avoid all these pitfalls?

Today, I've made it my mission to serve these exceptional and creative women and share all the knowledge I've amassed (the long way) over the past decade. If this is you, let's talk today.