Grab a bowl, and collect key ingredients


My background is in Entertainment, where I worked in the film business for 12+ years. As Director of Development, I oversaw the creative evolution of new film properties - from initial financing rounds to packaging them for production. Later, as Marketing Director, I looked after the campaigns for the release of hundreds of films in theatres, ranging from the tiny (arthouse films with no budget / all-grassroots / word-of-mouth campaigns) to the huge (major Hollywood movies with big advertising budgets and even bigger box office sales targets). I also had the privilege of working on an Oscar-nominated film campaign and a cultural phenomenon blockbuster series that changed the landscape of how films were made forever.


Mix all ingredients thoroughly


After motherhood, I traded in office memos for a perpetual bring-your-dog-to-work home office and joined the family business, which manufactures & sells its own brand of cleaning products online and at retail. During this time I learned how to efficiently work remotely among a team of freelance workers without borders. I also overcame any fears I had about digital business & marketing tools that were once foreign. I taught myself to use dozens of them - from website-building platforms to social media scheduling tools, infographic design or video editing software, plus lots more in between!


Pour into a pan and bake at 350º


I later joined forces with a Youtube content creator whose subscriber base has grown from 30k to 200k+ during our time together. This gives me a unique vantage point into what it takes to run a successful Youtube channel with 30 million views, and got me into the world of Influencer Marketing, ghostwriting, Mailchimp, Wordpress, and corporate sponsorships.


Now you’ve got a cake


The past few years have been a deep-dive into the world of online entrepreneurialism - blogging and content to be specific. While writing was the backbone of all the previous experiences, blogging offers the best of all worlds. I blog about personal development at


Add the icing


Along the way, people have taken an interest in the multi-disciplinary experiences I've had - corporate, online marketing, retail sales, creative entrepreneur - and have come forward for advice and feedback on their businesses.

I am honored and consider it a privilege to be invited into people's businesses to consult and coach them toward their goals, especially when it comes to figuring out which marketing options are worth pursuing for their line of work (the wrong options are a waste of time AND money, so let's avoid them!)

Design, Strategize, Uplift, Learn, Repeat

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